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Need help? We've put together a list of common questions

Customizing CSS styles

If the customization you want to change isn’t listed in the Theme Customizer, check the style.css file. We have a table of contents at the top that points out all of the sections within theme. You can also look-up styles using FireBug for FireFox or Safari/Chrome Inspector. This will allow you to edit additional places within the theme.

Any questions regarding customizations of themes are not included in theme support. It is up to the buyer to make any necessary customizations they need. If you would like to hire us for custom development, please contact here:

Plugin for adding Custom CSS:

You can easily add custom CSS to any theme.  We recommend this plugin if you want to easily add custom CSS to your theme:

How to use Firebug for Firefox to look-up styles in the style.css file:

How to use Inspector for Safari & Chrome to look-up styles in the style.css file: